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The Moon  ©NGS-MBS
Chocolates in Spain ©NGS-MBS
Mjosa Lake Norway ©NGS-MBS
Man vs Dog Sunrise ©NGS-MBS
Minnetonka Cave ©NGS-MBS
The "Highlander" Castle ©NGS-MBS
View from the train ©NGS-MBS
New York, New York ©NGS-MBS
Tower Bridge ©NGS-MBS
Bear Paw Footprint ©NGS-MBS
The Spinning LEDs ©NGS-MBS
The Face ©NGS-MBS
Well Dressed Men only ©NGS-MBS
The Ceiling Barcelona ©NGS-MBS
The Convent  ©NGS-MBS
Sunset over the North Sea ©NGS-MBS
Tibidabo ©NGS-MBS
Girona ©NGS-MBS
Spring in Hampshire ©NGS-MBS
Love Locks ©NGS-MBS
Fields of Scotland  ©NGS-MBS
Hafjell Village ©NGS-MBS
Big Ben London  ©NGS-MBS

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